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10 Original Pokémon Moments We’ll Never Forget


10 Original Pokémon Moments We’ll Never Forget

Sweet, sweet memories.

Picking Your First Starter

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Picking your starter Pokémon in the original games is one of the toughest decisions any Pokémon trainer will ever face. Not only are they one of the few sets of starter Pokémon where each one is incredibly cute and appealing to take along as your partner in crime, it’s also the beginning of your adventure.

It’s a tough decision to make, especially when, for many trainers, this would be their very first Pokémon game. You had to make sure that a couple hours later you weren’t going to regret your decision, so you’d walk up to each Pokéball, check out the sprite, contemplate its pros and cons, before moving on. It was a tough process, but every trainer knows it had to be done.

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