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First Details on The Division’s Gear Sets

The division gear sets

First Details on The Division’s Gear Sets

Time to gear up the right way…

During a livestream, showing off the first major update to come to The Division, Massive dropped some details about the the new gear sets headed to the game.

Four different gear sets will be added to the game, each with their own general playstyle in mind. While having all of the pieces will eventually unlock a set bonus, having four pieces of the gear will unlock a set-specific talent, which Massive isn’t quite ready to talk about yet. What the developer would admit is the names of the four sets.

First off is the Dark Zone-inspired gear set, Path of the Nomad. Found in the Dark Zone, the gear set will have talents and attributes best accustomed to Dark Zone PvP play. Leaning a different direction, the other three gear sets will be available through either the new incursions,  challenge modes, or even through blueprints.

The Sentry’s Call is tailored for players that like precision and taking on enemies from a distance, promoting consistent precision. Striker’s Battlegear on the other hand is more combat and assault focused, allowing players to take more damage. And finally, Tactician’s Authority is made with electronics and skills in mind.

Overall, the sets are promised to change the way you play the game, but are rare, and difficult, to get. What do you think of gear sets coming to The Division? Let us know in the comments.

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