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The Best of Platinum Games: All 10 Titles Ranked


The Best of Platinum Games: All 10 Titles Ranked

Platinum is celebrating 10 years, so let’s look back at all 10 titles they’ve released.

10) The Legend of Korra (2014)

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Almost all of Platinum’s games have been met with unanimous critical praise, all except The Legend of Korra. The game seemed to have a lot of potential, as Platinum’s formula for over-the-top action seemed a perfect fit for the elemental bending of the Avatar series.

Korra was a bit of a lackluster tie-in game that didn’t have combat that felt like Platinum’s usual best, and lacked a lot of the wit and charm that the series was known for.

Korra herself is basically the only character represented from the series, as she goes through arena after arena battling enemies. Korra feels like a “light” version of your usual Platinum experience, and almost seems to lack an understanding of the core material the game is based on. It was definitely a surprising turn from Platinum’s otherwise stellar resume.

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