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The Best Far Cry Games, All 5 Ranked


The Best Far Cry Games, All 5 Ranked

Those cries just keep getting louder….

5) Far Cry

Best Far Cry Games Ranking

Far Cry 1 Pc Game

Credit to the first game in the Far Cry series for kicking things off, but after what came before it, it may not entirely stand the test of time. Considering when it was released, the original Far Cry looks pretty great and it sold the jungle environment very well. The enemy AI is mostly intelligent, and the weapons have a good balance between them.

But when you look at where the series has gone, the original Far Cry doesn’t feel quite as right. Despite being open ended, many areas are trial and error, and are designed to be done in a way that just isn’t fun. Enemies are painfully stupid when you’re close up, and the checkpoint system…well, the less said about that, the better. There’s also the disappointing story, with characters that either weren’t likable or just lacked personality, and a protagonist with a truly awful looking lau shirt.

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