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Check Out the Simple Beauty of SUPERHOT in These 1080p Screenshots

SUPERHOT, review

Check Out the Simple Beauty of SUPERHOT in These 1080p Screenshots

Simple is sometimes best

When you first take a look at SUPERHOT, it certainly doesn’t seem like it could be a pretty game, after all, it only uses three different colors throughout the whole experience.

When we sat down and actually started playing SUPERHOT, we were surprised by the sheer beauty that could be seen. Yes, there were bullets with tails of red flying all over the screen and the red bodies of the enemies locking in on our position, but standing still amidst the chaos was a sight to behold.

If you didn’t already know, SUPERHOT’s core gameplay mechanic is that ‘time only moves when you do,’ meaning if you stand completely still, everything else does. This feature in itself leads to moments that you wish you could capture forever, with shards of glass and the crystallised bodies of your enemies glistening in the light. Good thing we’ve got that screenshot button!

All of the following screenshots were captured in 1080p on the highest graphical settings on PC.

We never thought we’d say that watching an enemy fall into a ton of tiny little pieces would be such a beautiful sight for the eyes, then again, we never thought our enemies would be crystalised red men either!

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