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A Real Zero Escape Room is Coming to the States

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A Real Zero Escape Room is Coming to the States

You were Virtue’s Last Reward all along…

2016 is due to be a big year for fans of the Zero Escape series. With the imminent release of Zero Time Dilemma later this year for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, it’s only natural that fans would be excited to get their hands on the third installment of the series and solve yet another mystery. What many may not know, though, is that they have a chance to solve a real-life version of a Zero Escape mystery. Yes, in real life.

The Real Escape Room in LA hosts various scenarios where people are placed in rooms from which they must… you guessed it… escape. In a collaboration with Aksys games, however, the Real Escape Room is getting a makeover to more closely resemble a mystery straight out of the Zero Escape games and visual novels, specifically titled Real Zero Escape: Trust on Trial.

Real Zero Escape

Through a short Q&A on the official site, SCRAP, the company at the head of Real Escape Room, has made it clear that cosplayers are welcome, but that they do not recommend any sort of costume that might make it difficult to move around, as you’ll be doing plenty in the room itself. Other than that, details on the Real Zero Escape Room are few, at the moment, but that only adds to the mystery. Regardless, it sounds like fans of the Zero Escape series have something awesome to look forward to, provided they can make their way to the Los Angeles venue.

Tickets for the event will go on sale on February 29th, and the room will open on April 15th. You’ll be able to book your tickets at the official page right here.

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