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10 Most Iconic Final Fantasy Monsters of All Time


10 Most Iconic Final Fantasy Monsters of All Time

Lions, tigers, bears – Oh my!


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You know you’ve officially “made it” when you have adorable plushies fashioned after your inherently cute design. The Chocobo is a staple in any Final Fantasy game. A monster nonetheless, but a cute one.

Chocobos are large bird-like creatures that can be ridden across the wilderness of whatever landmass the Final Fantasy you’re playing finds you. Chocobos come in a variety of forms: Fat (item storage), multi-colored (traversal of different terrain), armored (war), race-ready, or the hero of the story (much love to Chocobo Mystery Dungeon).

Why has the Chocobo managed to remain relevant as the premier creature of the Final Fantasy franchise? Cute factor plays a big part, no doubt. But they also serve as a point of familiarity in whatever new Final Fantasy game you’re playing. No matter where you are, finding one of these adorable creatures brings with it an immediate comfort. You know this giant bird won’t harm you, no matter how big its talons are (sometimes). And what better way of announcing it’s peaceful nature than with a soft “kweh!”

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