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What Is Final Fantasy Explorers? Everything You Need to Know


What Is Final Fantasy Explorers? Everything You Need to Know

Final Fantasy Explores is something special.

What is Final Fantasy Explorers

final fantasy explorers

Final Fantasy is arguably one of the most popular game series in existence. You’d be hard pressed to find a gamer that hasn’t at least heard of the games or played them. However, when most people think of the series they think of a sprawling single player JRPG, or maybe the MMOs such as Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. While there are elements that are similar, Final Fantasy Explorers for the 3DS doesn’t really play much like any of the numbered Final Fantasy games.

Looking at the art style then, you might think Final Fantasy Explorers may be like the Crystal Chronicles family of Final Fantasy games that we’ve seen over the years thanks to its chibi-like art style. However, it not exactly like those games either. It really is its own separate entity that does a little bit of borrowing from everything.

If anything, Final Fantasy Explorers is more of a mix of the MMO games and Monster Hunter. There are a ton of job/classes to choose from across all of the numbered games that featured the job system and you can mix styles with other players to take down large enemies. Working together to take down bosses is your primary focus in Final Fantasy Explorer and the story acts more as a vehicle to unlock more things for you. Make sure you are aware of that before diving in.

If you want a clearer picture on what is Final Fantasy Explorers and whether or not it is for you, let’s break down some of its most important elements such as its gameplay, story, jobs, and relationship with other games in the series.

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