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This Is the Most Epic Mega Man Collection Ever

Mega Man

This Is the Most Epic Mega Man Collection Ever

Dr. Wily, eat your heart out.

Do you consider yourself a hardcore gamer? Do you think you have quite the collection? Well there’s a good chance it seriously pales in comparison to Reddit user EncrypteData‘s Mega Man treasure trove of memorabilia.

In his massive collection of Mega Man themed items you’ll find Mega Blaster Replicas, Mega Man’s helmet beanies, Rush plushies, promo demos of Mega Man X Maverick Hunters for the PSP and even a custom made Met figure and much, much more.

Mega Man collection/loot

One of the coolest items in EncrypteData’s stash has to be the three custom made Nintendo Entertainment Systems. The controllers are backlit, and on the back of them feature more decals of Mega Man and his nemesis and older brother, Protoman. The systems even have a matching blue Zapper to go with them:

Mega Man collection

As mentioned above, EncrypteData even has an adorable Met replica to hide cowardly inside his helmet. Who could really blame it? Have you seen what Mega Man does to other robots?

Mega Man Toy

Pretty cute eh? There’s ton more pictures of his collection in an imgur album, so check it out and discover what it really means to be a true Mega Man fan. Once you’re done there, be sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you thought was the coolest piece in his collection!


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