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Oxenfree Guide: How to Get All Endings


Oxenfree Guide: How to Get All Endings

So many choices, so little time.

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Bad Possible Endings


Mess Up Your Friendship With Ren – It’s possible to ruin these two best friends by making some choices that would screw Ren over. At the beginning of the game, play along with Clarissa’s Truth or Slap game and embarrass Ren by calling him out on liking Nona (this leads to the slap achievement, too). Opt to save Clarissa first instead of him, when you have to choose which one to go to first after being separated. Leave Ren behind after getting the key and also side with Jonas in the Comm Tower fight. When the ghosts want you to make a deal, agree to obliterate Clarissa from existence and then tell Ren about it. If you do everything, their lifelong friendship is toast.

Royally Tick Off Jonas – Be as rude as possible in your responses to Jonas and blame him for all the spooky stuff going on whenever you have the option to. Choose to leave Jonas behind at every possible turn, too. The same way to really piss off Ren (and anyone, really), you can mess things up badly with Jonas if you agree to murder off Clarissa with the ghosts and tell him about it. And finally, when Jonas wants you to tune in so he can talk to his mom, don’t let him.

Ren and Nona Aren’t Dating – Never be a good wing man for poor ol’ Ren and Nona will continue to never notice him.

Don’t Save Michael – While this kind of can’t really be considered a bad ending (as it’s just not messing with time), it’s pretty damn negative in Alex’s life, so we’ll include it here. To let history play out as it did, tell Michael he should leave home and support him on his endeavors to do so.

Don’t Help Michael and Clarissa’s Relationship – You can break these two lovebirds up by never giving your blessing to Michael.

Bye, Clarissa – When the ghosts make a deal with you to annihilate Clarissa from time and space, take them up on it and go through with it at the end. She definitely will not like that.

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