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9 Things Only Metal Gear Solid Fans Will Get

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9 Things Only Metal Gear Solid Fans Will Get

Kept you waiting, huh?

Metal Gear Solid fans have had it rough lately. Hideo Kojima, series creator, had a falling out with publisher Konami, resulting in the closure of Kojima Productions. This great divorce brought about many changes for both Kojima and the future of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. With Mr. Kojima forming an alliance with Sony and a new development studio, Metal Gear Solid fans are left with a phantom pain. What does the future hold for Snake? Konami plans to move on with a sequel to the Phantom Pain, but will Konami be able to deliver without Hideo Kojima at the helm? Regardless of what the future holds for this tactical espionage action franchise, Metal Gear Solid will continue to have some of the most passionate fans out there.

And that passion, has a tendency to bleed into the real world. The result? You’re view of the world is forever changed when you realize:

1. The tactical advantages of a cardboard box.


2. When that garden snake looks really tasty.


3. You see this as a viable means of escaping prison.


4. You see a gun with engravings and laugh, because it offers no tactical advantage.


5. You see this and you instantly hear the sound it makes.



6. When you wonder what a Russian gunship is doing here.


7. You repeat key words and phrases – just to make sure you heard them right.


8. When this is a suitable means of therapeutic relief.



9. You believe love can bloom on the battlefield.


Bonus: You blame Metal Gear Solid for all the stupid shit you say.

Will Metal Gear Solid be the same without Hideo Kojima? Only time can tell. But just because the Boss has gone MIA, doesn’t mean fans will abandon the series. As the famous Kazuhira Miller once said, “You might be able to erase the markings, but the memories will never disappear.”

What other inside jokes has the Metal Gear series cracked to make you smile?

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