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10 Games That Totally Didn’t Need Multiplayer


10 Games That Totally Didn’t Need Multiplayer

It isn’t always necessary!

2015 saw a number of high-profile games release as multiplayer-only experiences, prompting arguments about what need to be included in a AAA release. However, times were different only a few years ago. At the height of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’s popularity, when Call of Duty was even more popular than it is now, developers decided that most games needed a multiplayer mode.

Far cry 3 multiplayer

Predominantly single player experiences had an online component shoehorned in to compete with the multiplayer juggernaut franchises. However, as we have learned, there are some games that totally didn’t need multiplayer. That’s not to say the multiplayer is bad…well, not in every case… but it simply wasn’t necessary. Here are ten games for which that is true.

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