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6 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for DC Fans


6 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for DC Fans

Dem Comics.


Batgirl of Burnside Black/White Statue: A Batgirl statue would be pretty sweet, but a statue in black and white? Certainly adds more style to her already stylish outfit, no?

Arkham Knight Funko Pop Figure: Sure, the Arkham Knight looks like a scary guy when he’s your height and has a gun to your head. But when he’s the size of a Funko figure, he’s not so intimidating, is he?

The Flash Logo LED Watch: You’d think a speedster wouldn’t need a watch to be on time, and yet Barry’s always late. Best not to follow in his footsteps and pick up this watch so you’re never late. Who knows, maybe you’ll get hit by lightning one day and get super speed of your own, then you can have the watch to remind you to GET MOVING NOW!

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