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6 IPs from 2015 That Deserve a Sequel


6 IPs from 2015 That Deserve a Sequel

We. Need. Moreee!

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Until Dawn, IP, new, 2015

2015 has been a pretty huge year for game releases despite a number of games being delayed until next year. While some of these games released as part of an existing franchise and gave players more of the familiar action they’ve been craving, others decided to offer players an entirely new experience with unfamiliar mechanics, stories, and characters.

When a new IP (Intellectual Property) releases, the question always lingers as to whether it could be turned into a fully sustainable franchise, and two key questions get asked during this decision-making process. Is the story or overarching theme capable of supporting successors? And is there a demand from players for more of the same?

If the answer to both or sometimes either of these questions is yes, there is a strong possibility that a sequel is likely. Other times, no matter how much players want them, for one reason or another, the developers won’t make the sequel. So without further ado, here are six IPs that released this year that we’d love to see sequels of.

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