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5 Outstanding User Created Fallout 4 Settlements


5 Outstanding User Created Fallout 4 Settlements

Build it big. Build it beautiful!

Wolverine on Watch

Reddit user brady8807 has really shown us up with this incredible settlement. When Fallout 4 was first shown off and we saw the light art of Vault- Boy we knew there would be some incredible user creations. Brady8807’s Wolverine is by far our favorite that we’ve seen so far, proudly stood watching the main gate leading into the Sanctuary-based settlement. When you head inside, brady has decked his settlement out with a huge main house to live in, a tree deck lounge and a fairly substantial generator room to power it all. It’s not like the mansion of a house is bare inside either, with a living area and pool room to boot.

We’ll just keep on building our one room shack with a TV and bed in it, shall we. You can check out the whole image gallery of his settlement here.

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