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10 Games That Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Their Amazing Voice Actors


10 Games That Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Their Amazing Voice Actors

Imagine games without Troy Baker, Nolan North, Troy Baker, Steve Blum, and Troy Baker!

Batman: Arkham Knight

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The finale of the Batman series was pretty spectacular and a fitting end to the Arkham series. From the beautiful skyline right down to the infamous shot of the Batmobile’s glowing brake pad, Rocksteady polished that game… let’s not talk about the PC version though.

While the game had a ton of side quests, beautiful graphics, and a ton of our favorite Batman villains, the voice acting really stood out. Performances from the likes of Kevin Conroy (Batman), Steve Blum (Militia), Mark Hamill (The Joker), and, of course, Troy Baker (Harvey Dent / Two-Face / Jason Todd / Red Hood / Arkham Knight) really brought Arkham and its inhabitants to life. The performances of Conroy and Hamill in particular in Arkham Knight are two which, when brought into context of the game’s story, really hit a home-run. Each and every voice actor who performed in Arkham Knight plays a large part in bringing that game to life. Be it all the chatter that you hear on the militia radio as you glide through Arkham city, or the gravity in Batman’s voice as he begins to realize the predicament he’s facing in this final night; each and every character emphasizes the significance of what’s being played out through the story.

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