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20 of the Best LawBreakers Clips from PAX Prime 2015


20 of the Best LawBreakers Clips from PAX Prime 2015

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In lieu of PAX Prime, Cliff Bleszinski and his Raleigh, North Carolina studio Boss Key Productions recently demoed their new game LawBreakers at an offsite preview setup. First and foremost a multiplayer first-person shooter, LawBreakers pits a simplistic narrative of the law and the (law) breakers against one another across a multitude of battlegrounds. The CG reveal trailer already made the rounds, as well as a gameplay trailer.

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The game wasn’t just playable at PAX; it was ready to share players’ best moments. From the LawBreakers twitter account, we see several, no, hundreds of PAX Prime press and attendees’ grandest kills, maneuvers, and more posted to twitter for all to see. It took a little time, but we dug through and found absolutely awesome clips from LawBreakers‘ public showing at Prime. Enjoy, and keep an eye out for Twinfinite’s PAX coverage!

Multi Killers

The Quick and The Skilled

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