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Here’s Just How Bloody Snake Can Get in MGS V: The Phantom Pain


Here’s Just How Bloody Snake Can Get in MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Don’t act like you don’t like watching him go from super dirty to super clean in five seconds.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has it all. Horse poop, peeing in pants, flying bears, and even blood! Lots and lots of blood.

While Snake is out on the field, he could, theoretically, be controlled by someone that’s so bad at stealth, they’re shot in every single spot they could possibly be shot in. The game shows realistic blood gushing from Snake’s wounds. He could shower after every mission back at Mother Base, or he could just wallow in his filth. The choice is up to the player and their personal hygiene consciousness.

We wanted to test out just how bloody Snake could get, so we put him out on the field for ten missions with one such player that sucks so badly at stealth. Hideo Kojima himself, by the way, loves to “stay in blood.” No, really, he said that.

What were the results of the experiment?

A mess. A gross mess.

“Uh, Snake? Could you put a towel on the seat or a plastic bag or something?”

And then, finally, he was allowed to take a shower and be squeaky clean.


When you reach gross points of not showering, your enemies will start to smell you and comment on how grotesque of a neanderthal Snake is. In fact, if your Buddy trust level is high enough with Quiet, a special cutscene will play where she and Ocelot basically give Snake an intervention. “Snake, you’re really grossing the staff out. It’s affecting your life, Snake. It’s affecting our lives.”

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