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Check out the Sensory Overload of EGX 2015 with These Pictures


Check out the Sensory Overload of EGX 2015 with These Pictures

So much awesome all piled into one room!

While the games were an obvious highlight for many, the booths, props, and displays covering the show floor of EGX this year offered plenty of opportunities to stand and take in the atmosphere. Standing in a queue waiting for Halo 5: Guardians or PlayStation VR? Any which way you looked, you’d find something of particular interest to gawk at. Vault Boy was offering a free photo for every fan, a bunch of Rare characters posed for the masses, and even a Tie Fighter dropped in to check out what was on offer for the galaxy’s gamers in the coming year.

While it was incredible to experience EGX and all of its sights first hand, some were not so fortunate. For either a lack of funds, or simply being unable to get your hands on a ticket, you may have missed out. Well, fear not! We’ve got a bunch of photos to show you the best sights from the show floor. See you next year, EGX!

A UK History graduate, Chris is a firm believer that Bioshock is the pinnacle of video game storytelling. He spends his days playing games, watching TV, or desperately attempting to improve his movie knowledge. You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisJecks, or email him at [email protected]

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