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Fans are Drooling Over New Street Fighter V Ryu Skin


Fans are Drooling Over New Street Fighter V Ryu Skin

I thought my dad bod was pretty okay until today.

In what was possibly the most important gaming announcement of 2015, GameStop revealed today the exclusive bonus you’ll receive for pre-ordering Street Fighter V with them: an alternate skin for Ryu that the internet immediately dubbed Hot Ryu.

Men and women all across the internet found themselves suddenly flushed and stuttering at the iconic fighter’s rugged new look, and swiftly went to Twitter to get “Hot Ryu” trending in mere hours.

Some simply sat and fanned themselves as they took in his glory.

Then there were those who already recognized Ryu’s looks pre-beard.

Others demanded the new skin be brought over to Super Smash Bros…

…while some insisted he was already there.

More still simply saw Hot Ryu as the all-around perfect man.

And then there’s this poor soul, who’s having the crisis of a lifetime.

How does Hot Ryu make you feel? Does he float your boat or grind your gears? Does he live up to the hype or underwhelm? Take another look at the pictures – really take them in – then let us know what you think in the comments.

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