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Free Yakuza 5 DLC Tells the Stories of All Five Protagonists


Free Yakuza 5 DLC Tells the Stories of All Five Protagonists

Which Yakuza 5 character is the best at bowling?

Japanese players have explored the world of Yakuza 5 since 2012, and SEGA is almost ready to bring the game to North America and Europe. As the game’s release nears, the developer has announced that all of the DLC from the Japanese game will be included in the localized version.

On the PlayStation Blog, more details about Yakuza 5 were confirmed. The game is now available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store at a discounted price. The most important DLC from the game is titled “Another Drama”, a series of sub-plots that give more backstory and context to each of the game’s five protagonists.

Pre-orders of Yakuza 5 also come with the “Fulfiller of Dreams” static theme that shows off some of the game’s characters. Sony shared this preview image of the theme in the post.

Yakuza 5 centers around the story of a Japanese crime syndicate but is also filled with authentic Japanese locations and side activities like fishing, dance battles and playing against friends in arcade games like Virtua Fighter 2.

What minigames are you going to sink the most time into when Yakuza 5 launches this year? Let us know in the comments.

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