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3 Childhood Characters That Would Make Perfect Until Dawn Villains


3 Childhood Characters That Would Make Perfect Until Dawn Villains

These guys were all pretty messed up really…


Until Dawn

If you were alive during the 90s, it was pretty much impossible to escape from these little blighters, and that’s why they’d fit in perfectly in Until Dawn. Waking up in the middle of the night to find a horde of Furbies staring at you with their huge eyes is something that probably put the fear of God into many 90’s kids. While they were all cute and adorable in the day with the constant “Let’s playyyy!” and crazy nonsensical noises, waking up to one in the middle of the night screaming that with huge whitened eyes staring at you is an experience no child should have to go through.

Now imagine playing Until Dawn, you walk into a room during the day and they’re just sitting there, in silence, all innocent and almost unnoticeable. Come night time, and the cabin is awash with “Let’s playyy!” and “Wahhhhhh!” coming from beneath the floorboards, and moving around the cabin. A possessed Furbie watching over the characters, moving around the cabin and attacking when the time is right, is quite a terrifying prospect. After all, a horde of them could be pretty dangerous. All dat fur…. the perfect cover up, and murder weapon.

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