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Rocket League Guide: How to Play Like a Pro and Score Easy Goals


Rocket League Guide: How to Play Like a Pro and Score Easy Goals


Learn How to Drive

rocket league

This first tip may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know how to do everything in their little rocket cars. Most players that pick up the game rely on just driving forward, turbo, and the occasional jump which are enough to get by, but not nearly enough to earn pro status in Rocket League. To be completely fair, unless you check the controls before starting a game, most abilities will probably be unknown to you, especially when you find yourself caught up in the excitement of Rocket League‘s multiplayer component.

Aside from putting the pedal to the metal, and jumping, you have the ability to reverse and a handbrake that will help you pull of some really sharp turns. Oh, and that jump everyone likes to use to get the ball right out of your reach? It can be used again in mid-air for some serious shots and set-ups. Also, the walls are your friends, driving on the walls and jumping off of them allows you to nail those hard to reach hits, as well as control ball placement while everyone else is just ramming everything in sight all willy-nilly.

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