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5 Mods We All Hope to See in ARK: Survival Evolved


5 Mods We All Hope to See in ARK: Survival Evolved

The land of dinosaurs will never be the same.



Imagine having Turok’s complete arsenal at your fingertips. Excited yet?

With the amazing success of ARK: Survival Evolved comes the addition of some custom mod tools for the growing community to get creative with. That means you can expect to see some seriously inventive mods coming to the game in the very near future. While everyone is deciding what they want to bring to this expansive, dinosaur infested world, there are a few additions that just need to see the light of day as soon as possible.

One such modification that will certainly help Ark: Survival Evolved would be a Turok: Dinosaur Hunter mod. For those of you who may not know, Turok was an absolute badass that brought first-person dinosaur slaying to the Nintendo 64. The most important, and necessary, part of this mod would be Turok’s arsenal. Just sit back for a second and imagine wreaking havoc within ARK using the Tek Bow or the Chronoscepter. Blasting through enemy defenses with fusion energy, as you use explosive arrows from your high-tech bow to shoot down airborne adversaries.

ARK: Survival Evolved already has the setting locked down, provide some of Turok’s toys and you have a whole new experience on your hands.

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