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Who is the Arkham Knight? (SPOILERS)


Who is the Arkham Knight? (SPOILERS)

Batman: Arkham Knight is out and available for everyone to scratch that vigilante itch that has plagued them since the release of the last Batman video game. This new one brings us a much prettier, faster-paced, mayhem-filled final journey for our caped crusader. It also brings us a mysterious new villain that everyone is dying to discover the identity of: the Arkham Knight.

Just who is the Arkham Knight? Well, aside from being a hyper violent, psychopathic mercenary under the employ of Batman: Arkham Knights mastermind, Scarecrow, he is also someone that Batman knows very well… at least, he used to know…

He’s none other than Jason Todd, the second young man to don the Robin mantle, and the man thought to have died at the hands of the Joker himself.

During the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, players were made to believe that the Joker had killed Jason Todd after torturing him for hours on end in an attempt to break Batman. What actually happened was that Joker continued to torture the poor man for more than a year, completely breaking him mentally and leaving him to despise the very man that took him in and trained him. Feeling abandoned by the one person he thought he could trust, he vowed to take revenge on Batman and the city he holds so dearly.

It’s a sad turn around for such a beloved hero, and it really nails the dark theme of this final installment home. The Arkham Knight is a man that has fallen so far from the light of justice that he sees no other option but to systematically tear everything apart. Using his knowledge of Batman, and of all of his resources, he proves to be one of the toughest adversaries the caped crusader has ever had to deal with.

Are you surprised that Jason Todd took such a dark turn and became the Arkham Knight? Did you expect it? How do you feel having to fight a man that Batman once viewed as his own son?

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