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PlayStation Versus Xbox at E3 2015, Who Won?


PlayStation Versus Xbox at E3 2015, Who Won?

In a battle between juggernauts, who wins?


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You would think with how Microsoft and Sony are both competing for the dollars of gamers all over the world, they would have a uniform focus going into E3. It would make sense for the Xbox and the PlayStation to try and show the same things (while attempting to one-up each other). But, it turns out that both companies had the same goal, yet different methods of approach.

Xbox went in with the video game focus. When they weren’t talking directly about games, speakers during the Xbox E3 conference were detailing ways in which the Xbox team was trying to improve the gameplay experience. Whether through VR, AR, or with a new and improved gamepad, the focus was all about the games.

The PlayStation E3 conference, on the other hand, did what they always do. They had a heavy focus on all things gaming, but they also decided to talk about some of their media capabilities as well. It was interesting to see Sony stick to their guns on this, but if it ain’t broken don’t fix it, right? Plenty of games were on the E3 menu, all they had to do was not mess things up, which they managed to do with ease. Long awaited releases were the name of the game, and they surely didn’t disappoint.

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