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Everything to Expect from Ubisoft’s Conference at E3 2015


Everything to Expect from Ubisoft’s Conference at E3 2015

They learned to animate everything!

Deepest Apologies from E3 2015

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Ubisoft has managed to ruffle quite a few feathers over the past couple of years. The publisher that could seemingly do no wrong just couldn’t seem to catch a break. First Watch_Dogs is pelted with accusations of being downgraded, and in turn a form of false advertisement. Then Assassin’s Creed Unity is pretty much a mess at launch. Add to this the whole “animation” fiasco and the fact that many gamers had begun to grow tired of annualized releases and you have one hell of a storm brewing.

Luckily, the folks over at Ubisoft aren’t blind and they quickly saw what a mess they had made. With that in mind they decided to apologize to fans, and along with that apology came a new commitment to top-notch quality. Something we will definitely see during their E3 2015 press conference.

Think of this showing as a love letter to fans and supporters. You can expect the best they have to offer next week, and they will probably also be extra careful about overselling themselves (possibly). It takes a lot for a big company to apologize and try in earnest to make things right, so they at least have that going for them.

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