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Bloodborne: How to Beat Amygdala

how to beat amygdala

Bloodborne: How to Beat Amygdala

Before you even attempt to pursue what is probably the creepiest looking boss in Bloodborne, there are a few things that you need to know. The first factoid you will have to come to terms with is that Amygdala resides in a realm that isn’t on the beaten path whatsover. This nasty pile of death is found in the Nightmare Frontier which we teach you how to access here. The second thing is that this boss isn’t exactly visible… at least not at first. Here’s how to beat Amygdala in Bloodborne.

How to Beat Amygdala in Bloodborne

You see, Amygdala is an Old One. Without treading too much into story spoilers, all you need to know is that they are ancient beings that are worshipped (just look at the statues scattered around Bloodborne), and they are extremely powerful.

The thing about these Old Ones though is that you can’t see them until you have very high Insight (around 40). But, having high Insight makes the game much harder. New enemies will spawn in different locations, older enemies grow much stronger and gain extended move-sets, and this all directly leads to hunters (that’s you) dying a lot more frequently.

Luckily there is an alternative to the high Insight necessity. After defeating Rom, the Vacuous SpiderBloodborne changes. Things that were once invisible to all can now be seen with the naked eye, whether you wanted to see them or not. This includes Amygdala, meaning you can fight her without having to deal with the added difficulty of heavily increased Insight.

Now that you’ve solved that little conundrum, it’s time to prepare for the fight against Amygdala. What you’ll need are lots of Blood Vials, your strongest weapon, and top notch reflexes. Throwable items are rendered useless using the strategy we are about to show you.

Also, using arcane damage seemed to greatly reduce the amount of health you removed from Amygdala, dragging on the fight for much too long. You may also want to invest in physical damage resistance and vitality. Amygdala is extremely powerful.

While fighting, this boss took almost all of my health with a single hit and I was level 78 at the time with well over 1000 hp, high damage resistances, and pretty good armor, so proceed carefully.

Now time for the actual fight. Once you enter the fighting area (over a bridge and through a small archway) Amygdala will enter the arena from above. This Old One is absolutely huge, much larger than Rom, the Vacuous One in fact.

This particular boss also has an insanely long reach. This is something you only need to be concerned with at the very beginning because we’re going to ask you to do something a bit reckless, but it makes the fight against Amygdala extremely easy.

As soon as the fight begins have the hunter charge directly towards Amygdala. Be sure to dodge when necessary, the Old One will try to crush you with huge palm slams, or may even use it’s laser attack.

The laser itself isn’t what you need to worry about, it’s the cracks in the floor that the laser produces that you need to keep an eye on. once the laser is finished, the cracks will explode, but don’t worry to much, the explosions are very easy to dodge and are nothing more than an annoyance.

Once you find yourself next to this freakishly tall beast, wait for an opening and then roll under it. This cozy little space is where you will be spending the entire fight, so get used to seeing Amygdala’s undercarriage and become acquainted with this boss’ legs.

This may seem odd, but it is the safest location in all of Yharnam… well, maybe not all of Yharnam but definitely during this boss fight.

Two moves you need to watch out for while standing under here. The first thing is when Amygdala starts swiping violently at the ground. For the most part, she can’t hit you where you’re standing, but she sometimes gets lucky so dodge behind her then roll back under Amygdala.

The second move is when Amygdala jumps. You see, she doesn’t like the fact that you’re sitting safely beneath her when she wants to crush your body and slurp out the juicy remains.

To entice you out of there, she will jump directly up, twist around then slam her head into the ground. Not surprisingly, this move does a ton of damage. Once you see Amygdala rise, immediately start rolling around in circles. When she lands, get right back underneath. That is all you need to watch out for during the entire fight.

Now all you have to do is sit underneath and swing to your heart’s content. Always make sure to save a bit of stamina just in case your hunter needs to get out of there for a second.

At about half health Amygdala will switch to her second phase which is her ripping off two of her arms and using them as weapons. Since you’re under her, this means no change of plans. Just continue to wail on her legs until she dies.

As long as you don’t panic, and stay alert for the two mentioned moves, you’ll get through this fight with ease. The hardest part is getting under Amygdala the first time. Her attacks are very powerful, so just be calm and plot your course. Once you claim victory you will also get your hands on the Chalice of Ailing Loran which will grant you access to a new dungeon.

That’s all you need to know for how to beat Amygdala in Bloodborne. For more guides, tips, tricks, and information be sure to check out our Bloodborne wiki.

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