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10 Game Covers That Capture Their Games to a Tee


10 Game Covers That Capture Their Games to a Tee

Resistance 3


Insomniac’s Resistance series tells the story of a world under siege during WWII by an alien race called the Chimera. The first two games centered around American soldier Nathan Hale, who ended up being infected by the Chimera Virus, a biological agent used to change humans into their greatest foe. He held out longer than others due to an inhibitor that kept the virus from fully infecting him until the very end of Resistance 2, where his teammate Joseph Capelli shot him in the head. Resistance 3 picks up years after Hale’s death, with Capelli now a husband and father who finds himself traveling to New York to put an end to the Chimera once and for all.

The cover art for Resistance 3 was made by British artist Olly Moss, who worked closely with Insomniac to design the logo as well. The box art gets across the idea of the Chimera having the US within their grasp by using the imagery of a Chimera skull and the silhouette of New York’s skyline. Even more appropriate is the alternate art, which does away with text and logos, showing Capelli making his way to New York alone with nothing but the gun in his hand. The design heightens the feeling of loneliness in a broken world, completely by oneself and taking matters into your own hands for a brighter future.

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