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Nearly 2,400 MS-DOS Games Are Now Available at a Click of a Button


Nearly 2,400 MS-DOS Games Are Now Available at a Click of a Button

Thanks, Internet Archive!

For any who lived through the 90s, there is a good chance you’ve thrown a hadouken, or attempted to make the perilous journey through the Oregon Trail only to die of dysentery. Now you can relive those memories or experience them for the first time for free thanks to the Internet Archive.

Video games have become a recognized art form as the years have gone by and the Internet archive is striving to make sure vital parts of its history are preserved for future generations. This is a, “software crate-digger’s dream: Tens of thousands of playable software titles from multiple computer platforms, allowing instant access to decades of computer history in your browser,” Internet Archive wrote.

Cult classics include Street Fighter II, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Master of Orion, and Titanic. Outside of popular games you can stumble upon rare or unheard of titles like 3D Lemmings Winterland or Caverns of Xaskazien. There is something for everyone. Even popular console titles make an appearance in the archive including Prince of Persia and The Lion King. Couldn’t beat the memory musical level set to the tune of “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”? Well, now is your chance at redemption.

“The Internet Archive is arguably best-known for its Wayback Machine, the neat and useful repository of home pages past that lets you, say, see what the White House’s Web site looked like 15 years ago. But it does a lot more than simply send surfers back in time,” the Washington Post stated. It can now become known for its expansive collection of classic video games and history. Letting gamers experience their roots.

Are there any games you’re itching to play for nostalgia purposes or for the first time? Let us know in the comments below.

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