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8 Awesome Ways To Customize Your PS4


8 Awesome Ways To Customize Your PS4

Check out these sweet upgrades.

PS4 Atari skin customization

That’s definitely not a PlayStation. Without a doubt, you’ve gone and purchased yourself  a state-of-the-art Atari, capable of running this season’s hit games. Invite friends over, show them the Atari that can play Assassin’s Creed Unity. They won’t believe their eyes. Then when the dreaded no-face glitch hits, you can just say “oh man, it must be because I’m playing on an Atari.”


NES PS4 Custom Skin
NES and Controller

If you get bored of the Atari shtick, take it up a decade and disguise your PS4 as the original Nintendo box. You can play “Guess What System This Actually Is” with your closest friends. If the game actually works on them, then find some new closest friends. Yours are inept.


brushed steel playstation 4 ps4

For years you’ve been asking yourself, “How can I show visitors that I’m a high class aristocrat who enjoys pwning noobs while I’m not busy admiring my vintage wine collection?”

Don’t worry, there’s a specialty brushed steel vinyl wrap just for you, Christian Grey. Give your PlayStation the illusion of a brushed steel surface, take a sip of champagne, and admire yourself in the full-length mirror. You’ve managed to make your PS4 even sexier. (Check out more sexy steel images here.)


Reggie Custom PS4 Skin

Okay, forget the disguises, you definitely want your console to be a statement piece. And you want that statement to be “MY BODY IS READY.”

I know. You don’t even have to think about it, you’re already ordering 10 Reggie skins. One for your PS4, one for your cellphone, a couple to tape onto your dog. Tie them onto strings and fly a Reggie kite. The possibilities are endless. But your PlayStation 4 is step one.

Thanks to sweatynutsacks for the Reggie spotlight, seemingly courtesy of Gelaskins.


Dualshock light bar decal ps4

If there’s anything cooler than lights, it’s covering those lights with blackness to make other, specifically shaped lights. It’s genius, truly.

Dualshock light bar decals are all the rage this season. By all the rage, I mean of average popularity. And by this season, I mean just whenever. They’ve been around. Game controllers don’t have seasons. I hope.


Transparent, Clear Dualshock ps4 controller

Can it be?… No, there’s no official transparent Dualshock 4 controller. BUT, if you’re really dedicated like EasyBZ, you can make anything transparent.

That’s right. Anything.

No. Stop looking at your dog like that. You can’t. Not literally ANYTHING. Oh my gosh.



wooden ps4 custom skin

German company Balolo can cover your PlayStation 4 in genuine 7mm thick wood, in your choice of bamboo, walnut, cherry, or zebra. You can buy the custom wood covers and add the adhesive application yourself, or have them send you an already encased PS4. And then you can hug it, and make out with it a little bit, like this chick.

wood ps4 cover skin

You can choose any wood combination for the upper and lower segments, and you can even have them include a custom engraving. If you’re so inclined, pick up matching wooden covers for your Dualshock 4. Nothing says “hardcore” like literally covering your gaming gear with sturdy tree cores.

wood ps4 dualshock controller


gold plated ps4

You’re right, wood is for peasants. Who would dream of encasing their Sony box in the desiccated skin of German trees. So instead let’s go with a rose gold cased PS4, from Dubai.

I mean really, if your gaming console wasn’t crafted by a renowned Italian jeweler, you might as well plug your controller into a pile of mud.



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