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[Rant] I Didn’t Want To See Peter Parker Naked


[Rant] I Didn’t Want To See Peter Parker Naked

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I played through The Amazing Spider-Man game this week and had a jolly fun time. However, something that occurred at E3 made me question whether they could have done more with the character damage. As a huge fan of letting fighting characters get hurt so much that their armor strips off, or being blown away by Batman looking like hell by the end of Arkham Asylum, it’s no wonder I loved it when Spidey’s suit got fucked up. I’m not saying all games with visible character damage have to add more to the gameplay than just an aesthetic choice. I am saying though that the way the guy explained damage during the E3 preview, it sounded like he was setting it up to be an intricate part of the game. Maybe it could have been and maybe it would have been annoying, but it would have also been something unique to see in a superhero video game.

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