Heroes and Villains Clash in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Opening Movie

Heroes vs. villains.

Square Enix has release the opening movie for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, showing off the various heroes and villains clashing in a massive pitched battle. The previous two Dissidia installments also featured a similar opening. Take a look at the full opening down below.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT currently features 28 confirmed characters, and introduces chaotic 3-vs-3 battles to the series. You’ll have the option of switching between the three characters while playing single player, or controlled by other players in multiplayer. In addition to the opening, Square Enix also released a cutscene from the story, showing Noctis first meeting Lightning and The Warrior of Light, with all the confusion you might imagine. You can also see it down below.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launches on January 30 for PS4. Make sure you take a look at our thoughts on the game from this year’s E3, where we found the new 3vs3 battles to be chaotic, but enjoyable.



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