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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s 3v3 Battles Reinvent its Combat, Making it a Game You Should Play

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s 3v3 Battles Reinvent its Combat, Making it a Game You Should Play

Can chaos be fun?

Disssidia Final Fantasy NT’s new 3v3 battles are absolute chaos, but I found myself excited by that fact after trying it out at Square Enix’s booth during E3 2017. The arcade game has been out for a while in Japan, but is finally making its way west next year. The biggest change for the new title comes in the form of team battles, where three players square off against another team of three players.

For my purposes, I chose Zidane and was given a few options before the match started – one to choose my ability set and another to vote for which summon my team would use. Zidane came with two different ability sets, an offensive one that had skills like Mighty Strike which boosts the attack of nearby enemies, and another focused on support and healing with abilities like Regen to restore health. I chose to go with the offensive one, leaping right into the thick of things.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT puts battle on a pretty massive field, with plenty of room to run around. Anyone that played the original titles on PSP will find things pretty familiar with bravery attacks, HP attacks, and dashes all at your disposal. Once things kick off, however, they get hectic right off the bat. Dissidia’s a good looking game by any standard, and as characters launch their respective attacks dazzling effects flash across the screen. Adding a little variety this time you have three skills, which can be activated with one of the bumpers and have a cooldown. These grant you effects that can turn the tide of battle, like boosting an ally’s attack right as they launch into a combo on an enemy.

I was able to put Zidane into Trance Mode, boosting his attack power and significantly increasing speed. Having six characters spinning around and launching attacks sure is a spectacle, even if you can’t always understand exactly what’s happening.

Teamwork can be crucial in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as you want to coordinate attacks and targets. You can easily switch targets by tapping down both triggers. Luckily, the game also gives you a quick chat system a la Rocket League, where you can use the directional buttons to make snappy comments or quick commands.

Personally, I found myself switching targets, constantly trying to double team an opponent so my team could gain the advantage. At one point I found my Zidane going up against Y’shtola, a magic user from Final Fantasy XIV. She heavily used ranged magic attacks making it quite difficult for me to get near, but once I did it was clear that I had the advantage. This made it abundantly clear that learning a character’s role is going to be crucial when playing with others in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and forming the perfect team of attack and support.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Zidane

Eventually, my team was able to build up a meter and unleash the powerful summon Ifrit. This sunk the battlefield into even more chaos, as the beast drenched everything in flames while the screen shook violently. Obtaining a summon can clearly turn the tides quickly in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, as the creature doesn’t just play an animation but helps you in battle for a few moments.

After my time with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT I found myself a bit confused on how I pulled off all the moves I did, not to mention surprised that my team pulled off a victory. However, I found myself anxious to try more and learn the ins and outs of combat. It seems like there’s plenty of options to learn, with each character playing and functioning differently.

The new options and features help give you a little more variation in combat, and make NT feel like more than just a visual update. Some fans may still prefer the classic 1v1 of the older games, but Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s new mode was gorgeous, bewildering chaos.

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