Choice Provisions’ Runner3 Is Getting a Physical Edition for Nintendo Switch

Run, run, run to get your copy of the platformer.

Nicalis wil be bringing a physical copy of Choice Provisions’ colorful Runner3 to Nintendo Switch out in North America next year. The copy will run $39.99, and it will be available at select retailers.

Runner3 is a frenetic platformer featuring the fearless Commander Video, as he zips to and fro from one area to another and leaves a rainbow trail behind him everywhere he goes. The game plays out to the rhythm of the soundtrack and is punctuated this time around by the voice talents of Charles Martinet. You may recognize him as the voice of a pretty obscure character named Mario. It’s okay, he’s relatively unknown. Just joshin’.

Runner3 also includes branching paths, item shops, vehicles, new challenges, and plenty of other new content to keep things fresh.

“We know everyone’s going to love Runner3, but I’ll bet you’re going to love it even more in tiny little cartridge form,” Choice Provisions co-founder Alex Neuse said “Just try not to lick it—play it!” adds Mike Roush, also a co-founder of Choice Provisions.


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