No Man’s Sky Update 1.38 Patches in an Improved Save System and More

No Man's Sky 1.3 portal screenshot

Hello Games continues saving No Man’s Sky with new update.

No Man’s Sky got its last significant update in August with the Atlas Rises patch. Update 1.38 doesn’t bring anywhere near the changes Atlas Rises did, but it does target one major aspect of the game that has been affecting players negatively since launch, the save system.

The new save system for No Man’s Sky brings the total of save slots up to five. The slots can be used for any game mode, and they also have sub-slots that split manual saves from autosaves. If you try to load an empty slot, a new game will start, and you’ll be taken to the mode select screen.

There are also many minor improvements with No Man’s Sky patch 1.38. Temperature ranges of dead planets are more varied. The Analysis Visor can be used to scan farm plant growth time; ship class, type, and value; and the distance from resources you discover using the scanner.

For the rest of the changes, No Man’s Sky update 1.38 brings you can see the full patch notes on the official website.


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