This Legend of Zelda Hand-Drawn Fan Art Will Blow Your Mind

legend of zelda, link, artwork

Take my money!

There have been many, many iterations of the green tunic-wearing hero that is named ‘Link’. You have Ocarina of Time Link, you got Skyward Sword Link, and if you really want to go in-depth – there’s even a Wolf Link somewhere in the timeline. Legend of Zelda fans all have that one favorite Link/game that they hold near and dear to their hearts that they will never forget about.

One twitter user that goes by Reyhans_Art, has somehow “linked” together all of the Links that we know and love, into one glorious piece of artwork that goes above and beyond:

Reyhan’s drawing includes 28 different Links that look like they are all ready to fight Ganon for one last action-packed showdown. All I know is that I want this hanging up, in my house – now.

What do you guys think about the fan art? Make sure to follow Reyhan_Art on twitter for more drawings and stuff – this girl definitely has some talent.


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