Pokemon Sun and Moon Players Can Snap up Codes for a Special Charizard from Target

This Charizard should listen to you better than Ash’s.

Charizard is a formidable Pokemon to have on your side. If you’re using one and you raised it from a tiny Charmander, you’ve got yourself an awesome fighter. But if you want a shortcut to the orange dragon for Pokemon Sun and Moon, you can soon head to Target stores in the US to pick up your very own. And unlike Ash’s, you don’t have to worry about it leaving you high and dry when you need it.

The promotion begins at participating Target stores next month, where you’ll be able to ask for a code for your game and get your Charizard on. The Flying/Fire-type monster will provide you with Flare Blitz, Fly, Dragon Dange, and Fly. He’ll only be available from October 1 through October 14, so make sure you head on in if you’re interested in being the proud new owner of a Charizard.

You’ll be able to redeem the codes through February 4, 2018. Make sure you don’t make a Target run, get lost in the tons of items in the store you impulsively add to your cart and then get home and forget to put it on your game. Because then it’ll just collect dust in that drawer you toss everything in and you’ll miss out on this sweet flame-throwing dragon. And that is definitely uncool.


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