Mario Party: The Top 100 Combines the Series’ Best 100 Mini Games in One Package

Time to party!

Undoubtedly the best thing about Mario Party is the wide breadth of different mini games you have to compete in to make progress. With the many, many Mario Party iterations over the years, there have been plenty out there to compile mini games from. That’s probably why Nintendo has come forward with Mario Party: The Top 100, which is a compilation of the 100 best mini games from the seriers, lumped into one package.

Announced today during the Nintendo Direct presentation, the game will be making its way to Nintendo 3DS on November 17. You’ll get to play the best games with your friends and family all you like, as the game will support the 3DS’s Download Play feature so you only need one copy to share the fun.

So that means, like the trailer demonstrates, you’ll get to play with the Shy Guys who like to cheat at every oppotunity when it comes to copying the flags they raise, and play with Play-Doh-esque visions of Mario’s face like the beginning of Super Mario 64. Those are just some personal hopes for games included with the collection.


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