Destiny 2: How to Get the Fighting Lion Exotic Grenade Launcher

How to Get the Fighting Lion Exotic Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2

The Fighting Lion is an interesting exotic grenade launcher in Destiny 2. What makes it interesting is the fact that it doesn’t go in your Power slot, but rather your Energy slot, freeing you up for more high-powered weaponry. You would think a weapon that stands out such as this would be tied to an exotic quest or something of that nature. But that’s not the case with Destiny 2’s Fighting Lion.

Instead, this weapon is obtained randomly. You can get it from an exotic engram (or a legendary one if you’re lucky), as a reward for leveling up vendors, as part of the weekly Milestones, or anything else where exotics happen to drop. There’s no rhyme or reason tied to it, just sheer luck.

If you’re curious about the perks this Destiny 2 exotic has, check them out:

  • Delayed Gratification – Grenades bounce off surfaces. Hold trigger to fire, release to detonate.
  • Countermass – Increased stability and handling speed.
  • Implosion Rounds – Increased projectile speed and stability, decreased blast radius.
  • Thin the Herd – Direct hits do more damage to shielded enemies. Rapid kills against grenade – Damaged enemies refill magazine.
  • Short-Action Stock – Increased handling speed.

Good luck, Guardians.

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