Extremely Detailed Breath of the Wild Link Gets Sculpted Entirely out of Clay

link, breath of the wild, clay, sculpture

So satisfying to watch.

YouTuber and sculptor Chris Vierra, aka Sculpture_Geek, is the Michelangelo of video game character sculptures, already competing beautiful statues of a Deathclaw from Fallout 4 or Fox McCloud from Starfox entirely out of clay. This time around, it’s Link’s turned to be molded, with the final product being one of Sculpture_Geek‘s bests.

In the video below, which is incredibly entrancing to watch, we see Vierra take a simple ball of aluminum foil and turn it into a near life-like bust of Breath of the Wild Link.

Throw in some awesome Legend of Zelda music and there goes 11 minutes of your life. The only question I have is how many rupees to make this puppy mine.


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