For Honor’s 1.08 Patch Adds Quit Penalty, Balance Changes, & More

Today, Ubisoft rolled out For Honor’s 1.08 patch which adds a quit penalty, makes a number of balance changes to fighters, and provides a number of other smaller fixes.

For Honor’s 1.08 patch has rolled out today on PC, and will come to consoles next week, according to a post over on the game’s subreddit. The most notable part of the patch comes in the form of a quit penalty which the developer hopes will “reduce the amount of Rage Quitting during matches and improve the overall quality of match experience.”

When players are about to leave a match midway through, they’ll receive a warning about the penalty. If they continue to quit, they’ll receive a 10 minute matchmaking penalty.

Most of the balance changes in For Honor’s 1.08 patch are focused around the Centurion and Shinobi classes, which should now feel like more viable options when heading out onto the battlefield.

You can check out the full 1.08 patch notes here.

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