The Nintendo Switch’s Stock Will Be Replenished Again at Gamestop Later This Week

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Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch has been sold out at almost every retailer since its launch and many people have been anxiously waiting for the console to be restocked again. Good news for Nintendo fans, the Switch’s stock will be replenished at GameStop later this week. Not only that, if you are short on funds, GameStop offers a bit more in trade-in value for your console if you put it toward a Nintendo Switch. GameStop will offer $150 of trade-in credit for a Wiiu or 3DS, $175 for your Xbox One, and $200 for your PS4. Note, that these trade-in values only apply from March 20 to March 26.

The Nintendo Switch will be back in stock at GameStop on March 22, so prepare your wallets for later this week!

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