Planet Coaster Dev Frontier Developments Sues Atari Over Unpaid Royalties

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Back in 2003, Planet Coaster dev Frontier Developments developed RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and it was published by Atari. However, when Atari went bankrupt soon after that, the developer was unable to repay Frontier the royalties they were owed. Fast forward to today, Atari has finally pulled itself out of bankruptcy, but they’re still not paying Frontier Developments the agreed amount of money.

According to TMZ, Frontier was set to receive $3.37 million, but they’ve only gotten $1.17 million from Atari. Atari has also denied Frontier the opportunity to audit their sales report, and so Frontier has opted to sue the company. In an additional comment to Kotaku, the devs also stated that this was their only option left if they wanted to be repaid.

‘“We have so far been denied our contractual right to audit by Atari, and we are unfortunately left with no other way to resolve our concerns,” a Frontier representative told Kotaku. They added that Frontier had attempted to resolve the issue without legal action since April, 2016.’

Both Planet Coaster and RollerCoaster Tycoon World are now available on PC via Steam.

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