Mass Effect Video Shows the Sibling Rivalry Between the Two Protagonists’ Voice Actors

mass effect

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2017 and we can’t wait to take to the stars on a new adventure. If you’ve been keeping up to date with the latest news then you may be aware that, in Andromeda, players will get to choose between two main characters, the siblings Sara or Scott Ryder.

In this humorous new video from BioWare, the two voice actors for Sara and Scott Ryder, Fryda Wolff and Tom Taylorson, reveal how, despite not actually being related, they do indeed have a certain amount of sibling rivalry.

It’s great to see how these two voice artists seem to genuinely get along, something that will no doubt help their characters interactions with one another feel authentic in the game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to be released on March 21 in North America and March 23 in Europe. It will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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