According to 343 Studio Head, Halo Wars 2 Has Officially Gone Gold

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Halo Wars 2 is golden

Earlier today, 343 Studio Head Dan Ayoub had announced over Twitter that Halo Wars 2 has officially  gone gold. Halo Wars 2 is a sequel to 2009’s Halo Wars and is an RTS spin-off of the FPS Halo franchise and has been slated to be released next month. This announcement means that the February 2017 release date is now solidified and will not receive any delays going forward.

Halo Wars 2 will be released for Windows 10 and Xbox One Feb 21 2017. If you can’t wait that long for the release, the beta for the new card-based game mode Blitz, will be open for Windows 10 and Xbox One starting Jan 20. For more information about the Beta, click here.

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