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Valve Is Looking to a Future in AI and Brain-Computer Interfaces

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Valve Is Looking to a Future in AI and Brain-Computer Interfaces

Sounds painful.

Valve boss Gabe Newell is on a Reddit AMA spree, answering all kinds of questions not related to Half Life 3, including those about the company’s future.

When asked what kinds of achievements and improvements he thinks Valve should be aiming for, Newell emphasized the importance of diverse technology and player experiences. He mentions Valve’s HTC Vive Knuckles controller as an example, which detects a wider range of hand movements and lets users open and close their hands completely.

“The big thing right now is broadening the range of options we have in creating experiences,” Newell responded. “We think investing in hardware will give us those options. The knuckles controller is being designed at the same time as we’re designing our own VR games.”

“Much more narrowly, some of us are thinking about some of the AI work that is being hyped right now. Simplistically we have lots of data and compute capability that looks like the kinds of areas where machine learning should work well.”

He closed out his comment by noting that personally, he’s “looking at research in brain-computer interfaces,” which involve direct communication between the brain and, well… computers.

Newell also took some time to look back on the company’s past, noting that if he could change one thing, it would be Steam’s support service. He also likes his steaks medium rare.

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