Despite Star Wars 1313 Being Completely Dead, General Manager Says its Ideas Will Live On

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Years ago, LucasArts was working on Star Wars 1313, a game meant to be about famous bounty hunter Boba Fett as a young man and his journey through an underground part of Coruscant known as level 1313.

Despite having only one slice of footage shown at E3 four years ago, it gained a huge following for its presentation and action focus. In 2013, Disney’s acquisition of LucasArts meant that 1313 was canceled, and while several employees at the company have been coy about its possible return, one EA developer said that the game is totally dead.

General Manager Justin McCully, talking on the Achievement Oriented podcast, was asked about the possibility of bringing Star Wars 1313 back. He confirmed that EA has no plans to bring it back. But he did say that “kernels of ideas” of the game may show up in different Star Wars experiences down the line. McCully said that they certainly keep the materials from their all projects just on the off chance that they show up in a future title down the road, but it’s effectively dead.


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