Watch the Cuteness of Overwatch Voice Actors Hanging out at Blizzard

It’s no secret that Overwatch has amassed one of the most recognizable and likable casts of characters, a lineup that is only growing with recently-announced Sombra, but what we didn’t expect is just how good and pure the following video of the game’s voice actors hanging out at Blizzard shared by Lucio’s voice actor, Jonny Cruz, is.

In the video, Cruz makes the rounds through many of the game’s hero voice actors, including Mei (Zhang Yu), Soldier 76 (Fred Tatasciore), Torbjorn (Keith Silverstein), Sombra (Carolina Ravassa), Winston (Crispin Freeman), D.VA (Charlet Chung), Reinhardt (Darin De Paul), Genji (Gaku Space), Reaper (Keith Ferguson), McCree (Matthew Mercer), Tracer (Cara Theobold), and Symmetra (Anjali Bhimani), and Zenyatta (Feodor Chin).

No doubt the highlights of the video were Carolina Ravassa’s now-signature “boop,” Matthew Mercer’s refusal to play into Cruz’s “high noon” bait (satisfied by Torbjorn himself), and Reaper’s surprise appearance towards the end. It’s also surprising to see so many of the voice actors so easily don their character’s cadence without any help from digital remastering.


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