StarCraft 2 Update Brings Multiplayer Revamp and Single Player Missions

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The void is being filled

StarCraft 2 has just been updated, and patch 3.8.0 adds a lot of changes and new content to both the single player, and the multiplayer game.

For the single player, the final mission pack for the Nova Covert Ops is now available, which brings an end to the Nova storyline and comes replete with a wealth of new hardware for players to get their hands on. There are also plenty of new bundles to purchase containing new decals and emoticons. As well as this, “The Collection now supports dynamic bundle purchases, where the bundle price will be adjusted accordingly if any number of items in the bundle are already owned.”

The changes to the multiplayer mode are extensive, and are part of a huge revamp Blizzard is making to that component of the game. The Thor has a new “High Impact Payload Mode: The Thor’s anti-air weapon, 250mm Punisher Cannons, will now be prioritized before the anti-ground weapon, Thor’s Hammer.” The Cyclone has been completely changed and is now and ant-armour dealer with “Damage changed from 18 to 3 (+2 vs armored).” To see the entire list of changes brought with the new update, check the official blog.

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